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2024/03/01 12:10

htag big changes

htag is entered in its 0.90 version ;-)

The 1.0 will be the new major release soon. I've made some big "docs update" in htad docs, and htagapk ...

All old runners (BrowserHTTP, BrowserStarletteWS, ...) are deprecated, and will be removed in 1.0. There is now only one, which can emulate all features, with no dependancies, only pure python (no more starlette, uvicorn, tornado for specialized ones)

Now, I'll need to polish the api, and make the docs ...

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2023/11/14 11:53

htag android apk

The original recipe to build an android/apk didn't work for some months. So I dive into another way, and now there is a new recipe, which use the buildozer docker image.

Seems to be the best way, because google changes a lot of things, and buildozer follow the changes frequently. So i decided to use the right way of building an apk, using the latest changes from buildozer git.

The recipe is still there ... but the manual way is a lot simpler, using my new command line ! It should work on any linux box (no windows!) But it's a lot simpler/faster !

And it should be more solid than the github action, which is currently broken ;-(

Hope it will live long !

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2022/08/18 18:21

pyscript + htag + matplotlib : full clientside ... amazing !

Try this demo of htag+matplotlib in clientside only (it's a static html page) ...

It works very well on client-side, thanks pyscript & matplotlib !

It shows, that with htag, you can easily mix powerful py3 libs and powerful JS libs ... (and when py3 libs are ported in pyscript/pyodide, it can works in html only !)

Now, I need to more examples, mixing powerful JS libs (leaflet ?, ace editor ?, camera features ?, ...) with powerful python libs (matplotlib ?, numpy ?, graphviz ? ...). Was htag a missing link between the two, to easily code powerful GUI py3 app ?!?

I need to find an idea, to show well the real benefits of htag ... possibilities are endless, but really need to find a mashup, an idea to code, to show ... any ?

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2022/07/14 18:40

htag is officially public

I've made an announcement on reddit

It's not the 1.0 release. But it's stable ... and works great for me.

I've already got a lot of htag's apps. So it's wildly tested IRL. Now, it's public, and it will start its real life ;-)

The 14 july is a good date, for france ;-)

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2022/05/07 11:23

pyscript and htag

Even if you live on another planet ... you can't miss pyscript ;-)

It's the most incredible thing which has happened in the last few years, in the python or javascript world ... (to my point of vue)

The promise is very high : just run any python code in a html page (with just a js include). And you can pip everything that is pip'able ;-)

It opens/unlocks a lot of things, that we can't imagine just now ...

Although, htag is not officially public. I've just pip'ed htag in a pyscript page, just for test ...

And yes : the first public release (coming soon), will come with a 'runner' which will let you code a gui frontend, with htag, in an html page ... There will be a 'runner' for pyscript !!!

It's clearly not the goal/promise of htag ... But it will be possible, from scratch ;-). I don't know if it will be useful : but a htag component (with the same codebase), which can already be used in a browser/web, a desktop app (pywebview) or a android app (guy instance) ... and can be runned in an simple html page, without any python/backside ?! It's completly crazy ...

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