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2018/12/12 21:54

jbrout3, the resurrection

Just released an attempt to port the good old jbrout(py2/gtk) to python3, using wuy.

Here it is : jbrout3

Currently, it's more that a proof of concept (to proove that wuy can handle a "big app"). Hope to reach a v1.0.0 version, next year.

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2018/12/01 09:39

jbrout website is ok

Just updated all the broken links on jbrout's website.

But I must say I'm not working anymore on that (mainly use goole photo ;-( )

I will try to take contact with the official fork, and will update things soon.

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2012/02/19 11:53

pyplaydar and some news

Finally I released a version of pyplaydar which is now compatible with tomahawk's resolvers ! Tomahawk's resolvers are mainly in javascript, so I needed to run them thru pyv8. So pyplaydar owns a "playdar's resolver" which is able to call a "javascript tomahawk resolver". This resolver should be compatible with other playdar implementations. Everything is on my github ... It begins to be usable, it can resolve things ;-)

The second big thing : I've bought an android device, my first phone and my first smartphone ;-) What a great device ! I've started to developp apk with kivy (a python framework to make multi-touch app): very easy to use. The only downside is that the apk starts with a minimal size of 6mb, but an app works on major platforms (win/*nix/mac/android/iOS). My android is the perfect device to drive my squeezeboxes too ;-)

A new release of py2deb too ;-), and a new release for jbrout too

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2009/08/18 20:05

New website for jbrout

jBrout has now a new official website. Currently it just contains the content of the old website (french & english content). But it will be easier to maintain, because it now uses GoogleAppEngine using the python language (as Jbrout) (TigerWiki is not supported anymore).

For now, it uses the jbrout news from my main website. So news are only available in "english". But, in the near future, french's news will be available too. You can subscribe to jbrout rss (french rss in the future), to stay tuned.

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2009/08/17 08:46

I'm back, and jbrout can now share pictures with upnp/dlna

I'm back from holidays and I had just added a new plugin to jBrout, to be able to share pictures thru upnp/dlna devices (upnp av). It works only on *nix platforms, because it uses the marvellous ushare, which is available on all good platforms ;-). So I can watch my recent pictures on the TV in my sofa, thru the wonderful freebox mediaplayer which is a UPNP AV compliant device ;-). Sweet.

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2009/01/01 15:53

Jbrout 0.3 is out ... and happy new year

The (really so long awaited) 0.3 release is now available for *nix platforms (the win32 will be released soon). A lot of changes : new official dev web site, a new svn repository. This 0.3 release introduce the use of the exiv2 library with the pyexiv2 python backend, a better way for the future. The, poor and fast-made, announce on the jBrout group

Big thanks to Rob (for helps on jbrout), and Olivier (for his pyexiv2) !

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