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2009/03/26 12:09


This site doesn't use webpy anymore. I'd started to developp my own anti-framework around webapp (which is the minimal framework of GAE), which try to mimic webpy. I poorly named it : aeweb.

In fact, I always used 10% of webpy. Webpy, although it was an anti-framework, is now a full featured framework (providing templates, sql access, form generator, markdown access, openid, session ...) Too much for me.

I'd got many troubles during the 0.2->0.3 phase (troubles with notfound/internalerror, markdown broken, reloader broken, seeother/redirect broken, https detection broken, ...). But I learned a lot of things hacking webpy during this phase.

Webapp is a simple thing, and miss some features, like simple cookies, routes according host, .... Webapp use the WebOb thing (for its request/response object), which is a really nice and mature library. The Do-It-Yourself from its author gave me the idea to do it my self. Nearly everything I needed were already here in webapp/webob, I'd just made a wrapper around webapp to offer some simple things, and aeweb was born.

And better: aeweb can be run outside of GAE, but you will need webapp and webob (But it was not its main goal)

Now, my main website (this one), is completly webpy free. The main problem was to remove templetor (the webpy template engine), to use tempita instead (which seems to be 10 times faster).

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