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2009/07/20 11:11

Playing with the (Google)Wave

I like this thing. I had changed the purpose of my robot Now, when added to a wave as a participant, it will post all blips on ;-) So blips are now really public ... and can be seen by the rest of the world ;-).

Perhaps you will fall in love on what's happening in GoogleWave. A lot of interesting discussions ;-).

It's just a kind of concept, for fun purpose only !

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2009/07/19 18:14

Surfing the (google)wave

Amazing ... Today I had received my google wave account, and started to play with wavelets, blips and all these newer things ;-). Really amazing. I really think that it could be the next big thing in the social/communication side of the web.

It takes me one hour to developp a robot ( which replace the word 'fuck' by 'f**k' in all the blips of a wave ... amazing. (Edit : my robot has generated a lot of blips in a wave (!w+UyA_PnlT%A) yesterday night ... really funny)

Now, I can't really think all things that could be available in a such system. But as always: APIs from google are just perfects ... they fit my brain. Every thing can be done using python and GAE : just perfect.

EDIT : A really good introduction to present what google wave is (in french)

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