pyscript + htag + matplotlib : full clientside ... amazing !
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back 2022/08/18 18:21

pyscript + htag + matplotlib : full clientside ... amazing !

Try this demo of htag+matplotlib in clientside only (it's a static html page) ...

It works very well on client-side, thanks pyscript & matplotlib !

It shows, that with htag, you can easily mix powerful py3 libs and powerful JS libs ... (and when py3 libs are ported in pyscript/pyodide, it can works in html only !)

Now, I need to more examples, mixing powerful JS libs (leaflet ?, ace editor ?, camera features ?, ...) with powerful python libs (matplotlib ?, numpy ?, graphviz ? ...). Was htag a missing link between the two, to easily code powerful GUI py3 app ?!?

I need to find an idea, to show well the real benefits of htag ... possibilities are endless, but really need to find a mashup, an idea to code, to show ... any ?

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