No more angular ... Vuejs is better ;-)
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back 2017/05/31 18:24

No more angular ... Vuejs is better ;-)

Vuejs is really good. The more I practice, the more I like. It comes with the best features of riotJS : lightweight, speed, easy to start .. and brings better : great robustness, better ecosystem, two ways binding, event modifiers. With riotjs, you can quickly create things that can be un-maintainable (if you don't respect a guideline, because there are many ways to do a same thing ! (with great power comes great responsibility)). Vuejs is less magic, but come with a good and simple frame (I like props, data, computed, watch, methods compartments) ...

In fact, I've completely rewritten My Web Editor with VueJS ... and I plan to release it on github (need some rewriting).

Today, I've migrated all tmanatlan's things under this new web editor, here (but nothings is publically available now, but you can if you know the urls ;-) ) ! Now I can edit all theses things with the embedded web editor, just need a browser ;-)

VueJS is really robust, and apps are easier to maintain ! AngularJS will not be my main choice for quality products. The vuejs ecosystem is enough ! I will continue to use riotjs for specifics things, but VueJS will become my main tool !

EDIT: scratch-me was migrated too ;-) ... Only boy doesn't work (but like yesterday ;-)... will correct soon ;-)

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