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back 2016/01/24 15:52

In the SPA style

I've built a super tool : it's a "web editor" online, so I can quickly code for the web (static or dynamic (python/bottle) files). It use the marvelous ace editor, it's hosted on GAE, it's built with RiotJS. It's a little bit like koding, but without the linux prompt. It's just for me, but I could release it. The frontend is here, but it's just for me, like I said before ;-( ... (it's already the second version, and this one was coded using the first version ... it's like the chicken & the egg ;-) ... now, I can code with the chromebook or whatever internet devices ;-)

It could be done with angular, but not. RiotJS is more fun (but not widely used ?!?) ;-)

Here are 2 (ugly) demos of a classic (simple) app (a kind of todo's app). The first one : an Angular2 version (with classic ES5 javascript (not typescript!)), the second one : a RiotJS version.

Twos are using :

  • a service (to deal with datas) : 'MyService'
  • a master component : 'app'
  • a child component : 'item' (itered from the master)
  • a mecanism of events to communicate between the twos
  • a pipe (aka filter), to transform data : 'mypipe'

I let you choose which is the most readable, the simplest ;-)

It's not really comparable, A2 comes with a full stack. With Riot, you'll need to import yours polyfills and others libs : but you've got the choice !

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