CavePilot, finally !
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back 2017/02/01 11:04

CavePilot, finally !

Here is a playable CavePilot. It's based on my old test. It should work (with chrome or firefox) on desktop (with keys) or smart devices (with gyroscope and with chrome only)

It's Single Page Application, made with riotjs2. It's a Progressive Web App, so it can be added to home screen, and should be playable offline.

Everything was made with my online editor, in a browser, on the Paas (Platform as a Service) : Google App Engine.

I've made an android app for CavePilot. But it's just a shelf, for fun ;-). But it's a webapp, so no need to update it to get the latest release, coz I can update it whenever, with a simple browser ;-)

Regarding the game ; you should drive into caves, to reach the sun as fast as possible. It's just amazing ;-)

Levels are too simples ... so it will be harder in the future, perhaps ;-)

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