Quickly approved, and my new PPA on launchpad
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back 2010/02/02 22:32

Quickly approved, and my new PPA on launchpad

To test the marvelous quickly : I've done a little application which is able to send files/folders (as a zip archive if needed) to dl.free.fr (which is a sharing host service). I called it FreeTP, and it's now available in my new ppa.

Quickly is marvelous : it works as expected. You just have to code your app, and it does all the rest (template, packaging, licensing, source control (thru bzr), debian repository (launchpad)). A real breeze in the world of ubuntu/gnome/gtk/python development ! A lot of time was saved, thanks for that ! I've not taked the time to explore launchpad yet, but it seems it could provide bug tracker, mailinglist, ... great!

I think I will use quickly in the future, for this kind of things.

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