pew & pytest are marvelous
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back 2019/03/07 21:41

pew & pytest are marvelous

Regarding my last post, there are 2 new tools that I use and abuse ;-)

I like virtualenv, I used it sometimes ... but pew fits better my needs. I really like the features, and found it a lot more useful; I can create envs to share with multiple projects. It's exactly the kind of tool you can't stop to use after using it ;-)

My current python stack, under my ubuntu, is completely broken (due to mixing apt-get/pip). Pew helps me to create clean python's env on demands. (But sure, one day; I will try to repair my debian like ;-)

pytest is the second tool I like a lot, and regret not having used it earlier ! It's clearly the way to create/manage tests in a project. I love the fixtures injection, it let us create simple (but powerful) tests, without all the hassle. tests are a lot easier to read, to maintain. Can't be simpler ;-)

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