Big changes in ;-)
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back 2009/07/18 13:04

Big changes in ;-)

Apparently nothing has changed (may be some disturbance now). But a lot of changes was made. I had just migrate all files+models from one appspot-id to another one (At the beginning I couldn't choose "manatlan" as appspot-id ?! Now it works ?!). Files were easily migrated (thanks to gae). But models were more complex, thanks to AEX, it helps me a lot ;-)

BTW, was a subdomain of my old appspot-id (it was very dependant on this website). Now it has its own appspot-id and works alone (with its own cron, taskqueue, and own quotas). It's in beta stage now (use at your own risks).

So, this is the first post (a test ;-)) on my new appspot-id.

Tags: aex, gae
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