Atomic Bombers in html5
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back 2010/04/30 14:52

Atomic Bombers in html5

I've made a remake of my old game Atomic Bombers for html5 compatible browsers. The original game was developped during the mid 90s, under the label Mary Poppins and the Calgary's legion, on an Amiga500 using seka assembler (680x0). It's always available as ADF format for UAE/Amiga. It was a clone of dynablaster. For the background, I'd started to make it, because I wanted to play at more than 2 players. A lot of fun/original features was added during its live. And a Windows/pc version (from a friend) came out in 2000.

This new version is not feature complete yet, and miss some sounds. But it's a question of time ;-). It uses the graphics from the windows/pc version. Graphics were done by my brother (amiga and windows version). The main purpose of this version was to test if it was possible to make this game in a browser (using html5/javascript). The result is fairly good (from my point of vue ;-). And It seems to work on old configs too ;-).

I'd like to make an online multiplayer version (using html5/websocket), but I need to wait that google appengine provide a websocket support ;-). Currently, it supports up to 4 local players on the keyboard (and keys can be configured locally).

A nice thing is the atomic bombers online editor, which let everybody (with a google account) the ability to create/test its own grids. All goods grids will be included in the real game part.

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