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back 2015/10/22 16:04

Angular2 thoughts

I practice AngularJS for 3 years. I practice javascript for 15 years. And I mainly use SciTE as my first text editor, since ... I don't remember ;-)

I don't wanted to jump into typescript (or others JS transpilers). So I started to hack angular2 with classic javascript (aka ES5). But it's not a great choice, for the moment. BTW, recent changes on the class declarations (the new way to declare annotations) are on the good way, and perhaps it will be as easy as Typescript in the future.

But I tried to setup an atom editor to use angular2 with the transpiled way : it's clearly THE way ! I needed to dive into SystemJs, Typescript (code and compilations) : it does the job ! Don't need to dive into NodeJS, npm, and others gulp system. Atom, with its typescript plugin, is able to compile ts into js. It can autocomplete code, go to declaration, underline mistakes ... (every goodies offered by an IDE on typed languages). And thanks to typescript : you can mix typescript and classic javascript together ... It's perfect.

AngularJS was a good way to quickly produce a SAP app, but the learning curve was "hard", and it's not really prompt to make reusable components (without following good code design) : you can produce beasts by using controller, $scope and $rootScope.

Angular2 is clearly components based, and is really simple (compared to AngularJS). All fit together, and components are easily reusable (by design). It should be possible to make components with skulpt or brython too, one day.

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