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back 2012/05/14 10:01

Adroid dev

Since I've got an android device, I try to developp on it. I've tried Kivy, which is a little more than an android framework ;-). It's really multiplatforms, but target multi-touch devices. It's pretty cool to be able to developp powerful app with the python language. The only big downside, is that the size of the resulting package/apk : at less 6mb ;-(

I've tried PhoneGap (with JQM), which is a java boostrap app running a webview, letting you code your app with javascript and html5 features (html, canvas, audio/video, persistent datas,...). Phonegap provides javascript's api to access core features of the android device. It's a good choice for multiplatforms too ! The size of a resulting package/apk starts at 120kb, which is far decent !

Yesterday, I've tried the SDK/ADT android java framework in Eclipse. Forget the multiplatform ;-), but it's really powerful, and let you do what you want, in a great development context/ide. It's really easy to code/test and see the result immediately. I will stick with that ! The size of a resulting package/apk starts at 10kb ;-).

I've made an App which consumes JSON http request/response to build its own interface (button, checkbox, searchbox, spinner, ...). In fact, the same thing I've made in LUA for my squeezeboxes, 10 months ago. I've made a phonegap and a native one for my android. The native version is really really responsive, looks better/real (coz native), and consumes less memory/cpu.

No android apps to release here, because they only works in my LAN. But I should ask my self, if I should release "My Json Server protocol", which can deliver some UI actions, because I've got 3 clients now: a web version (with jqm), an android one, and a squeezebox applet ;-). With this thing, you can easily setup a server which "do some things", and control it from a browser, an android or a squeezebox ;-) ... does anyone is interested?

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