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Last edition : 2013/01/09 14:34


Py2deb-gtk is a gtk frontend for py2deb, and let you easily create your deb in a graphical way.

No public release yet ... contact me if you really need this before first public release !

How it works

Py2deb-gtk install a new command in your path : the 'py2deb' command. If you want to make a deb package, open a console, go to the root path of your source folders and run "py2deb".

It will open a nice gtk dialog which will ask you to enter some informations about the package (name, version, description, ...). Just feed the 3 tabs.

To add files to your package, just drag'n'drop them from your desktop to the 'tab files'. It will prompt you where do you want to put them, letting you enter a folder (a combobox help you to enter common and already existing path).

When all is entered, you can check the options to generate a rpm/source packages too. Just proceed the generation by clicking the Execute button : it will produce your package(s).

py2deb store all informations in the current path, in the named file py2deb.p2dcfg (It's the default name) ! When you run py2deb, it will always try to deal with this default name. If you need to manage multiple py2deb config in a same folder : you can launch py2deb, by providing another config name (ex: py2deb hello will deal with the hello.p2dcfg file in the current folder)

Todo :

  • invoke the generation process thru the command line (without gui)
  • perhaps ability to pass version/changelog thru the command line
  • follow py2deb evolutions


Here is the first (and older) version : py2deb-gtk0.1betaall.deb No more release yet

Depends on : python, python-gtk2, python-glade2, python-py2deb

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